Design and Consultation:

Anitech's services include concept reviews, budgeting, safety analysis, and systems design, as well as complete show integration services.
Our clients have experienced significant cost reductions by allowing us to develop detailed show system standards impacting areas such as hardware, software, maintenance, guest safety, and reduction of downtime.

Systems Engineering:

In numerous instances, Anitech has been brought in during the early phases of many technologically complex projects.
Due to this early involvement with show creators, we have consistently been able to provide the most system for the money and prevented installation and opening "nightmares".
Anitech's in-house resources include extensive computer aided design (CAD), printed circuit board development & production, digital signal processing (DSP) and micro computer development capabilities.
Our customers appreciate having the backup of highly experienced Anitech system engineers who are experts in all facets of audio, video, and control technology.

Systems Integration:

Once a project is defined, our preference is to have all aspects of the application under the control of one integrator.
We've proven this approach during our integration of successful venues such as Warner Brothers Batman Adventure and Bermuda Triangle.
In addition, many special applications such as the six-degree-of-freedom, hydraulically powered Metro-Ski & Snowboard Simulators have been completely integrated and tested at our facility before field installation.
The single integrator approach greatly simplifies costly integration and installation issues.

Safety Critical Applications:

Anitech is the company of choice for high-tech safety critical applications. Our experience with actor and guest safety in major attractions is unchallenged.
We are among the world's largest Allan-Bradley PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Integrators for Amusement Park applications.
Venues such as the twenty passenger Batman Adventure Simulator, Back to the Future, and Backdraft are only a few of the safety critical control systems we have been responsible for.
Anitech's reputation for excellence in these applications has significantly increased our safety consultation business in the themed entertainment industry.

ADA Compliance:

Our PAMSİ (Public Address Message System) produces uniform, clear and easily understood digital audio announcements in sync with changeable message signs.
We developed PAMSİ in order to help our clients comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the new Federal Law requiring equal access for persons with hearing or sight impairments.
Ideal for any place of public gathering or assembly, Anitech's flexible PAMSİ can interface with existing Public Address systems or can function as a stand-alone Public Address Control System.
PAMSİ can also be configured for mobile use. Ideal for light-rail, bus and marine applications, PAMSİ triggers prerecorded audio & visual messages for both interior and exterior vehicular announcements.